Club Tengo Hambre in Tijuana

Last weekend I traveled down to Tijuana for the first time since… I don’t know, I was 19? This time instead of seeking underaged drinking after seeing a concert in San Diego, we were there for tacos. Guided by Club Tengo Hambre we ventured to 3 taco stands and 2 breweries. 

First Stop: Tacos Don Esteban

Second stop: Mariscos El Paisa

Which is a stand in a parking lot. But if you’re a connoisseur of tacos, you’re used to that.

After much observation, we think the dressing is V8, lime juice, salt & pepper, and maybe some Worcestershire sauce? Simple, but so good.

Third stop: Tacos El Franc

One thing I wasn’t expecting in TJ was how incredible the tortillas tasted. I mean, we have places here in LA that make their own tortillas, but they do not taste like this.

Real Talk. The best al pastor taco I’ve ever had.

We saw someone chowing down a quesadilla and decided to go off taco-tour-menu and order one. A solid move. It was even better than Guisados!

And on to beer… 

We went to two tap rooms inside the same plaza. The second one could have very well existed in Echo Park, and is probably the most Instagrammed bar in TJ. I think we all brought a few bottles or growlers back across the border.

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