Museum of Ice Cream [Los Angeles]

Behind this door you will not find any historical artifacts, objects of scientific significance, or awe-inspiring collections. You will, however, walk through a series of pretty dope sets in which to take a photo of yourself. And if we’re being honest with one another, that’s all an adult comes to the Museum of Ice Cream for anyway. 

So is it really a museum? Who’s to say.

Once inside, you listen to instructions from Seth Rogan…

And then eat your first ice cream sample. From McConnell’s no less! It’s a melty cup of banana & salted caramel. But there’s a trampoline! And before you know it you’re in the banana room covered with scented wallpaper…

Next is probably the least “Instagrammed” room, the Mint Chip Greenhouse. You receive a sample of a mint chip mochi ball and walk through 2 rows of raised plant beds “growing” mint plants in cocao bean hull mulch– which does smell like chocolate. 

One part of the experience at MOIC that they’ve obviously put a lot of effort into is the interaction with the staff. Each member is super friendly, approachable, and an expert at killing time. They hold your attention with conversation (& ice cream puns) and you hardly notice you’re waiting on something- whether that be a dessert sample or led into the next space. Plus, they’re all wearing baby pink!

Next is the rainbow sherbet room (complete with pink mirror wall for your gratuitous self portraits) & a white sundae wall to double as the background for their GIF photo booth.

Oversized popsicle room! One of the spaces you’re most likely to have the place to yourself while the folks behind you perfect their GIF. 

The gummy bear room was my favorite, despite the fact that I don’t particularly care for gummy bears. It just looked good!

Another small weird room with art that is supposed to say something, but no one cares. Here you get a sample of cookie dough (colored black via activated charcoal) on a mini wafer cone. You take one bite and throw it away because it is gross. Maybe that’s part of the artist’s statement? We’ll never know…

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for… SPRINKLE POOL! You have 2 minutes so hurry up and take your damn selfie. And perhaps the biggest spoiler: they’re not sprinkles. They’re little pieces of plastic. The kid in our group of 12 was supremely worried about the environmental impact of the frivolous use of plastic (okay, my words not his) and disappointed that they weren’t real edible sprinkles. His mum was probably relieved she didn’t bring home a kid with a belly full of dirty ass jimmies. 

Thanks for the memories & all the photos! Once you’ve left and you’re craving some legit ice cream, here’s where you ought to go nearby:

Salt & Straw (Arts District) - They always have new, unexpected flavors. My old standard is roasted strawberry & toasted white chocolate + something chocolate-y.

Van Leeuwen (Arts District) - The dairy flavors are suuuuuper rich & creamy. A little goes a long way. Sicilian pistachios flavor is amazing! Give the vegan varieties a go. 

Scoops (Chinatown) - Give me Salty Oreo or give me death! Brown Bread is their signature, but there are new flavors popping up in the rotation, and always at least one dairy-free option.

McConnell’s (DTLA Grand Central Market) - The perfect creaminess! Get a trio– my favorites together are chocolate covered strawberries + sea salt cream & cookies + dutchman’s chocolate. Be sure to sample their seasonal flavors.

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