Valentine promos

I’m a pretty apathetic New Englander when it comes to romance, but I looove sending out Valentines (really, I just love sending mail in general). For my first promos of the year I decided to send out postcards for Valentine’s day with a laughable heart shaped writing pen. 

Yesterday Rob Haggart shared photos of the package in his APhotoEditor Instagram gallery. 

Club Tengo Hambre in Tijuana

Last weekend I traveled down to Tijuana for the first time since… I don’t know, I was 19? This time instead of seeking underaged drinking after seeing a concert in San Diego, we were there for tacos. Guided by Club Tengo Hambre we ventured to 3 taco stands and 2 breweries. 

First Stop: Tacos Don Esteban

Second stop: Mariscos El Paisa

Which is a stand in a parking lot. But if you’re a connoisseur of tacos, you’re used to that.

After much observation, we think the dressing is V8, lime juice, salt & pepper, and maybe some Worcestershire sauce? Simple, but so good.

Third stop: Tacos El Franc

One thing I wasn’t expecting in TJ was how incredible the tortillas tasted. I mean, we have places here in LA that make their own tortillas, but they do not taste like this.

Real Talk. The best al pastor taco I’ve ever had.

We saw someone chowing down a quesadilla and decided to go off taco-tour-menu and order one. A solid move. It was even better than Guisados!

And on to beer… 

We went to two tap rooms inside the same plaza. The second one could have very well existed in Echo Park, and is probably the most Instagrammed bar in TJ. I think we all brought a few bottles or growlers back across the border.

New Work

I recently had the privilege of shooting Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook. If you give two shits about food in LA, you know who I’m talking about. 

It is staggering what these guys accomplish in a day– they run 6 restaurants! and a catering company! and they each have a family! Yet I felt they were so generous with their time while we were shooting. 

We shot a project over the course of 3 days in LA for Delta Air Lines. Below are my favorite portraits (which of course were the most simple, spontaneous, non-lit set up).

I just wrapped up my third round of lifestyle imagery for Los Angeles start-up Lumi. They are the kindest, most detail-oriented, creative folks, and I’m so happy I’ve had the pleasure working with them over the past few months. Below are some of my favorites…

My friend Monique aka DJ Smiles Davis is a brand ambassador for Puma, and she puts me to shame with her work out game. I walk my too smart for his own good herding dog 2-4 miles every day which include some prrretty steep hills. But Smiles’ yoga moves? Pfffsht.   

Also, RIP to this Kim West mural that was graffitied a couple weeks ago. 

Happy New Year

It’s a new year, so I’ve decided to close one chapter, and begin writing a new one. 

When I moved to LA in 2004 I got my first digital camera, took loads of photos of my friends and the mischief I was making. I started an online photo log (which thankfully doesn’t exist anymore… I think), and have done so on and off since. 

Now another cycle begins. 

I went home to New England for the holidays, where I didn’t really leave the house unless to walk my dog. We sat around underneath blankets, eating homemade cinnamon rolls and watching movies. I should have been working, or at least shooting some portraits. But I didn’t. I didn’t feel like it. With so few hours of daylight there this time of year I’m amazed anyone gets anything done, haha.

Here are my rainy winter day beach snapshots…

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