Snapshots of New Hampshire’s ‘100 Acre Wood’ Sugar Shack

Deep in the 100 Acre Wood, you won’t find a donkey, kangaroo or pig. You might actually spot a bear, but definitely not one wearing a tee shirt. This 100 Acre Wood, sits just outside the White Mountain National Forest in Intervale (near North Conway), New Hampshire. The grove of trees feels remote, but is not even 1 mile away from a Dunkin’ Donuts. 

The sugar shack, it’s trails, and literacy foundation are busy with family friendly events on the weekends, but on a Monday afternoon it’s perfectly quiet (and a rather lovely place to forget about your hangover). No formal tours were offered on this weekday, but Craig happily opened the door, gave us a tour inside, and answered our endless stream of questions. 

We were able to see the process of where they bring in the nearly clear sap from their sugar maple trees, how the water evaporates, and after all is said done the final amber maple syrup product. Did you know the conversion rate from gallons of sap to maple syrup is 40 to 1. That’s crazy!

We walked through the snowy trails, which are lined with the pages from Maple Syrup Season, a children’s book that follows along one family’s springtime sap harvest. I know that sounds super cheesey, but it was informative & truly entertaining.

At the conclusion of our self guided tour, we drove down to the foundation’s headquarters to hear more about their reading-related programing and to buy glass jugs of syrup. I’ve been spooning Grade A Amber into my morning coffee ever since and have no interest in returning to sad old regular sugar. 

You can buy 100 Acre Wood syrup online here,  where all proceeds go to the literacy programs offered by Believe in Books Literacy Foundation. Yayyy!

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