a Weekend in Twin Peaks, CA

Hello March 👋🏼

In a month’s time two people I’m pretty darn fond of will be getting married. And a month ago we celebrated their pending nuptials the best way we knew how: by drinking a case of prosecco in the mountains!

The drive from Los Angeles to the San Bernardino Mountains can be either beautiful or barf-inducing… depending on how much traffic you hit and where you’re sitting in the car. 

If you were expecting the cabins to be rustic jewels covered in wood paneling, plaid, pine trees and endless bear decorations, you would be correct!

In the morning I noticed the artwork hanging above my bed— two sweet duckaroo guardian angels, haha. How perfect.

After surveying the damage, filling up on cinnamon rolls & bagels, we ventured out to walk off our hangovers. Which turned into bowling off our hangovers and a little hair of the dog.

The final morning I Irish-goodbye’d my way to the airport to catch a flight to New York… more on that later! 

I wish I had a solid list of places to recommend where you should eat, and things you “must do” in the Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead region… but all the countless weekends I’ve been up there have been to spend time with the people I went with. Pretty cheesey huh. Absolute 12-month-aged, grass-fed, English Cheddar cheese right there. 

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